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Basement Renovations in Toronto and GTA Area

Basement renovation and finishing is an extremely demanded service, both in large cities, small towns, and suburban areas where low-rise private housing is widespread. The main reason for basement renovation is the unclaimedness of underground support rooms. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands of square feet, are literally ‘in the shade’ and used only as a place for a boiler, washing machine, and storage space for unnecessary household rubbish. The renovation will allow using space under the house more reasonably and creatively. As an example, the basement area may be rented out to make some extra cash, or a small-scale space may be organized there. Please don’t forget about the most important benefit you’ll receive: a well-equipped basement will increase the cost of the entire house.

In recent decades, basement renovation services in Toronto (both in the central part of Canada’s largest metropolis and throughout the Great Toronto Area) is experiencing an extraordinary boom. Owners of houses aim to use valuable areas optimally and realize bold and unconventional design and technological solutions.

At the same time, contractors who often deal with reconstructing basements are faced with difficulties due to the need of transferring engineering networks, that are brought into a house via the basement. In Toronto, that is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, reconstructing the communications may be a challenge due to a complex land hydrology.

basment renovation

Repair of the cellar in style with columns (ANEX Group company)

Basement Renovation Cost

Basement renovation services can vary greatly in terms of goals and methods of execution. Initial basement renovation involves the mounting of baffles, installing reliable thermal insulation, preventing the spreading of mold under the influence of cold and wet. Indoors, the illumination is thought out, surfaces are ennobled. All walls are covered with drywall or panels, tiles or laminated parquet are laid on the concrete floor. Having made a dark and damp cellar dry and bright, you can proceed to a more detailed thematic reconstruction.

Basement renovation cost estimation depends on a number of factors:

  • the total size of your basement
  • the type and quality of the materials used in the renovation
  • percentage of valuable use and the basement equipment before the beginning of renovations
  • and many more…

The final role in determining the price of work is played by the ultimate target of the owner. According to experts, the average cost of the basement renovation in the Greater Toronto Area ranges today in the range of 35 to 40 Canadian dollars per square foot of floor, but the prices may vary in both directions drastically.

Basement – Before and After

Basement renovation services begin with the estimate preparation, including 3D-visualization and state assessment of load-bearing structures and engineering networks. Do not forget that walls and ceilings in cellars and socles are experiencing the greatest static load. They are affected by the weight of a whole house and movements of surrounding soils.

There are strict requirements for the quality of materials used in basement renovations. Waterproofing must be reliable and strong, as the seeping of water from surrounding soils will lead to disastrous consequences. Paintwork, adhesive materials, and facing must have a great moisture resistance. When installing metal structures, priority is always given to the stainless steel.

modern basement renovation

Repair of the living room in a modern style (ANEX Group)

Variants of Basement Renovations

Like any repair and construction work, the basement renovation is assessed on the achieved result. What are the possible targets of house owners starting their basement reconstruction?

Here are the most popular options in private houses in Greater Toronto:

  • A game or sports area for children and adults. You can arrange a bowling alley, a gym, a Finnish sauna or a Turkish hammam, a large bath with hydromassage or even a fancy pool with artificial waves.
  • Cozy home cinema. A dark basement without windows and extraneous noise is the ideal place for family viewing movies, sports broadcasts, or training programs.
  • Wine cellar or bar. Storage of aged wine in a strictly defined temperature range is an axiom. You can leave one warm room for tastings, gatherings with friends or solitary meditation.
  • Workshop. Excellent use of a standard basement room for a true master! The clanking of a metal, the whirring of a saw and a squeal of a drill will be reliably hidden from your house inhabitants.
  • Music or dance studio. If your basement area is large, why would you not organize a place to find new talents there?

In a basement, if it is dry and warm, you can place the most common rooms – bedroom, study, and living room. The absence of daylight can always be compensated by electric lighting. Modern LED technology offers a lot of elegant solutions for rooms without windows.

Basement in a private house is a whole floor, which is not used in every second dwelling. To order a basement renovation in Toronto means to expand the living space by hundreds and thousands of square feet and realize new unusual ideas in the spheres of small business, recreation, and way of life.

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