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Bathroom Renovations

Do you need a qualified and inexpensive bathroom renovation in Toronto? Then you’ve come to the right place!
The bathroom of a modern house should unite exquisite technological comfort and a sense of safe personal space. It’s relevant to both, the owners of the house and their guests. Anex Group Renovations is focused exactly on such level of service.

If you enter your bathroom and feel that something is missing in the intimate corner of your home, it’s a sign that your bathroom needs renovation. Modern building technologies and finishing materials offer the widest choice of techniques that allow transforming and expanding a relatively small room, fill it with unusual color solutions, install innovative plumbing and unique furniture. Nevertheless, there is always a checklist for bathroom renovation – a list of typical activities that needs to be followed with both budget bathroom renovation up to $ 10,000, and when upgrading to luxury class, the costs of which can be as high as a six-digit number.

Due to the relatively small size of the bathrooms and different amount of work in every case, the average cost of renovation is difficult to determine. According to the market, it is $ 10,000 like it was mentioned above. All depends on the brands of plumbing, furniture, lamps and surface coating materials.

Cost of Bathroom Renovation

As noted above, the cost of a bathroom renovation is not established by square footage, but for the whole room, and depends not so much on the size, but on the quality of materials, built-in equipment, and the number of non-standard ideas realized during a renovation.

Nevertheless, a basic list of works remains, without which bathroom renovation cannot be complete. Such steps include:

    • Preparation of a design project, an estimate and a list of materials based on the audit of the current condition of the bathroom, and demands made by the customer
    • Demolition and dismantling of furniture, plumbing, if necessary pipes, wall coverings, ceilings, floors
    • Additional floor waterproofing, if there is a need for it
    • Installation of new ceiling coatings, power supply, and illumination
    • Wall cladding with moisture-resistant plasterboard and tiles, or other materials
    • Heating flooring installation, if required
    • Tiling work
    • Installation and connection of vanities


Particular attention is paid to personal hygiene and privacy. In a modern fairly spacious bathroom, decorative partitions between the zones separating the bidet or the intimate shower, etc. are common.

The bathroom design is completed by a carefully chosen door, which can be made of budget MDF or plastic, elegant veneer or practical laminate, an ecological woody block, with nontransparent glass insertion, or frosted/photochromic glass door.
You can look at current trends in bathroom styling in our gallery. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

bathroom renovation in marble style

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The trend of modern bathrooms is a combination of space, convenience, and functionality. Unlike relatively small bathrooms in urban apartments, the main bathroom in a private house is comparable in size to the living room. Often, there’s a window, which allows you to implement additional ideas for designer lightning.

Even a bathroom renovation on a tight budget requires zoning of the room to include a place to do your deeds, a recreational area, a shower enclosure or bathtub, and storage place for accessories. Although if the room is small (for example, if it is a guest bathroom or if you want to renovate a bathroom in an apartment), our specialists advise paying attention to optical solutions that can visually increase the size of the room. Glossy stretch ceiling, shining tile, plenty of mirrors, a prevalence of bright, contrasting plumbing and walls – all this will help to achieve the desired effect – to make the bathroom visually more spacious and comfortable.

View our gallery for before and after bathroom renovation photos that will give you plenty of examples and ideas.

Budget Bathroom Renovation

The concept of budget bathroom renovation involves two possible scenarios:

  • 1. The renovation is made partially, where there are faults or defects. For example change piping, outdated plumbing, tiles on walls or on the floor.
  • 2. Everything is changed and renovated, but with the use of cheap materials. This is very common for rental spaces.

In the latter case, you should remember that an excessive desire for savings can lead to the fact that you will have to pay twice. A poor-quality faucet in the bath or carelessly installed waterproofing can lead to flooding and serious damages. Mistakes in the installation of electrical systems in a humid room are very risky and can lead to short circuit. If you want to save on materials, do not save on the masters! Budget renovations must be performed by professionals.

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

In addition to the fatal cases listed above, unprofessionalism can lead to lesser, but still inconvenient problems. The most common mistake that professional renovation specialists will never make is not complying with the rules for waterproofing floors, especially in the areas where baths and showers are located. The consequences, in this case, depend on the degree of deviation from the standards and directly from what room is situated under the bathroom and partly on its sides. If there is another bathroom or bedroom with finishing, financial consequences of the flood will be tangible. If the shower cabin is not properly installed, the water can gradually seep into the adjacent rooms, destroying the walls and ceilings, promoting the spreading of the mold and leading to short circuits in the wiring.

Examples of Bathroom Renovations

Look over our examples of bathroom renovations in various stylistic and functional trends, as well as video of the various stages of work from the dismantling of old plumbing to tiling and finishing touches.

bathroom renovation in combined style

Materials for Bathroom Renovations

The list of materials is very individual, but here are few things, without which neither luxury nor budget bathroom renovation cannot be started:

  • 1. Roll or liquid waterproofing, which is unwrapped or spread to the base of the floor. Every single bathroom has to be built with one.
  • 2. The walls of the bathrooms are covered with a moisture-resistant drywall, which is then painted with acrylic paint or pasted with tiles.
  • 3. Flooring materials depend on the material from which the house is built. In wooden frame houses, plywood is spread along studs, on which ceramic tiles or natural stone tiles are then installed. In apartments with a concrete base, the tiling is laid on a cement screed. Many bathrooms are equipped with an electric or water heated flooring – a guarantee of comfort in winters.

The longer the list of materials for repairing the bathroom, the more original solutions are available to our specialists.

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bathroom renovation in modern style

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