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Services for houses interior renovations in Toronto

Your home requires a change of layout? You want to update the situation and to adapt the living space to the new requirements? Then your choice from other interior remodeling companies is Anex-Group.

Our company is one of the best contractors and has extensive experience renovating living quarters. We offer our customers detailed elaboration of the project, exact organization of work and reasonable prices.

We will help you to significantly improve living conditions by creating comfortable, functional and beautiful interior design. All works are performed by a skilled team, which includes architects, designers, engineers and builders.
Interior renovation checklist of works includes:

  • formulation decisions about layout;
  • creating 3D visualization;
  • development of technical documentation;
  • selection of finishing materials;
  • remodeling interior walls;
  • execution of construction and finishing works;
  • choosing illumination, furniture and accessories;
  • mounting and connecting engineering equipment.

Interior remodeling cost depends on the size of the object, layout features, complexity of reconstruction and other factors. We work with all schemes of reconstruction of the internal space of the house and take into account your lifestyle, hobbies, family traditions and individual preferences of each family member.

On customer’s request, we will harmoniously fit any elements of the old design in a new situation. For example, we can make interior door renovation, renovate your existing fireplace, stairs or furniture.

Your individual interior design from Anex-Group

Every customer is equipped with their own design consultant. Together with you, he will define the style of interior design and formulate interior remodeling ideas. We will select the best architectural and stylistic decision to make the interior renovation cost per square foot consistent with the allocated budget.

Thanks to the 3D project, you will see how will your house look before the process за changing layout and finishing rooms is completed. We will be happy to create the living space of your dreams that will perfectly meet your preferences and lifestyle.

Albums of visualizations include multiple angles of each room. So you will be able to examine in detail the interior of bathroom, kitchen or another room, see the location of doors, stairs and other architectural elements.

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interior renovation in wooden style

interior renovation in modest style

interior renovation in modern style

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