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Home renovation in Toronto from Anex-Group contractors

Beautiful, comfortable and functional housing is the subject of dreams of every home owner. Achieving this objective is possible only if the remodeling and finishing of rooms are made in a high level with the use of the best materials and modern technologies.

Home renovation GTA is the responsible and labour intensive task that requires high skills and experience. So you should trust these works to professional and experienced team of Anex-Group specialists.

Specialists from The Anex-Group company are the home remodeling contractors near me. Our home remodeling experts can help to renovate the living space and will offer the option of changes to the interior that will suit you and your family in the best way. And to make the cost of home renovations meet the budget, our staff will help you to choose finishing materials, furniture and accessories.

Home renovation costs in Canada

You can order as a home renovation project in GTA (Canada), and repairs of single rooms. Regardless of the fact of what will be renovated: one room or the whole house, you can be sure of excellent quality of work and strict following of terms of repair.

Home renovation budget depends on many factors:

  • the complexity of the project;
  • the area of the object;
  • layout features;
  • the cost of home renovation materials.

The cost of home renovations is calculated individually after inspection and compiling an estimate. Our estimate of home renovation costs is full and gives a realistic idea on the cost of realisation of the reconstruction project. All works are initially included in the estimate, and it excludes the increase of costs in process of renovation and finishing facilities.
We know how to home renovation qualitatively, quickly and at a reasonable price. Our team consists of experienced designers, engineers and builders, who are fluent in modern technologies of repair and finishing works.

Many homeowners have difficulty in choosing the way of design and color spectrum. Our services for home remodeling include the development of design project and three-dimensional visualisations of each room that will allow you to immediately visualize the interior after the renovation.

The guarantee of a durable renovation is the right choice of building and finishing materials. Mistakes made at this stage, can cause significant problems in the exploitation process. Our employees possess full and reliable information about all the offers on the market and will help you with the selection of quality finishes in accordance with the chosen style of the interior and the features of each room.

Individual planning and design

Planning a home renovation is carried out in accordance with lifestyle, hobbies and habits of all family members. We know how to make your living space convenient and comfortable for adult and active members of families and home remodeling for seniors or small children.

Our company will develop a design project and perform home renovation in Toronto, including:

  • living room;
  • dining room;
  • bedrooms;
  • kitchen;
  • bathrooms;
  • hall and other rooms.

We will place the functional areas of your home so that they were convenient for all the inhabitants of the house. Completed home renovation will fully meet your requirements and preferences, which would solve the issue of creating a comfortable and beautiful living space in accordance with the current needs of your family.

In developing the project of renovating your home, our designers and architects will use the best space planning decisions. We will offer you an optimal plan of the interior as for home renovation on a budget and for the exclusive reconstruction of the house.

You can find photos of home renovation before and after, and read reviews of our customers about completed projects in Toronto and GTA district. Our staff will create for you a home where you will feel good and where you’ll want to go back!

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home remodeling in style with arch Renovation of living room in a modern style

renovation living room in style with fireplace

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