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Exterior Remodeling and Renovations of Facades of Houses

Any building over time becomes more older and ruined. Precipitation, temperature difference, sunlight, biological effects of mold and mildew, industrial emissions can cause serious damage to the building. Especially, these and other factors affect the appearance of your house. Agree that faded, peeling and non-groomed facade doesn’t make the building impressive and presentable.

However, the need of remodeling exterior house is justified not only by the desire of the owners to refine and decorate their houses. Firstly the works of the reconstruction of the facade are aimed at prevention of emergency situations, maintaining the power save mode, protecting the building from external impacts, fires, heat and sound insulation. Remodeling of the facade is a rather complex task. The ANEX Group company makes outdoor home renovation in Toronto, ensuring a thorough approach to work and high level of professionalism.

Exterior remodeling before and after: stages and types of work

If you have seen good exterior renovation of the house on the photo, you might wonder: “How it is realized?”. Remodeling an exterior house involves a full range of works.

Before the main remodeling works experts conduct inspection of buildings, diagnostics of bearing and enclosing structures.
Standard facade renovation includes the following stages:

  • 1. Clean the walls from old layers of plaster, washing, general preparation for the next stages.
  • 2. Sealing all cracks with special mixtures and protecting the integrity of the walls.
  • 3. Sealing of joints between concrete or wooden structures. Mounting or replacement of waterproofing and insulating layers.
  • 4. Priming the walls with special solutions that provide better adhesion with the decorative layer.
  • 5. Plastering of walls for painting or drawing the front cover for subsequent finishing.
  • 6. Making the insulation of the building and a final decorative finishing.
  • 7. The restoration of all networks engineering: drainage facilities, lamps, etc.

Contractors of the ANEX Group company, which makes internal and external renovations, will choose the best finishing materials and solve the issue of insulation and waterproofing.

What ideas of an exterior house renovations ANEX Group offers

Projects of remodeling of the facades at the stage of finishing works include not only the technical but also the design part. When choosing from ideas for exterior design you need to understand that modern design is alien to the canons, so many houses these days have in their structures and ways of furnish the mixture of two or more styles. ANEX Group will help you to make an exterior home renovations in Calgary. In particular we will select a suitable design for the facade, taking into account the harmonious relations with the surrounding landscape and the territory itself, and paying attention to the functionality of the facing.

Today, the facades of exterior renovations are performed in several ways using different materials. The classical solution for the facing remains decorative plaster, which is not only a decoration but also an excellent insulation of the facade. In addition, a beautiful facing brick, able to retain heat and provide fire safety, can perfectly complement exterior home renovation. Low cost and practical reconstruction projects involve the use of facade panels and cassettes of galvanized steel with polymer coating, which allow ventilation of the facades and are easy to care for. The most popular way of completion of the external renovation of the house – the use of siding, which has a variety of textures and colors, as well as it protects the house from all climatic influences. In addition, quite a common way to complete the remodeling is the use of practical and durable sandwich panels, which are able to provide not only an attractive exterior but also reliable thermal insulation. More complex design solutions involve the use of stucco moldings or tiles.

Before planning the remodeling, it is necessary to analyze the condition of the facade of the house and determine the type of renovation. This will help the specialists of our company, which makes exterior renovations in Toronto. After inspection of the building professionals will recommend one of the varieties of facade works: cosmetic, overhaul or partial renovation.

Timely made facade renovation is very important for homeowners, as it can be used not only to renovate the exterior, but also to extend the life of the house greatly.

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