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Renovation or changing layout of the house in Bradford

Bradford is one of the best cities in southern Ontario to live and work. It was founded in 1857, but the official status of a city settlement got only a century later, in 1960. The core of the development consists of brick low-rise buildings that today are being remodeled with use of both traditional and modern building materials. In the architecture of the buildings eclectic elements borrowed from dozens of different styles are harmoniously combined.

Remodeling and renovation of houses in the Bradford Anex-Group building contractor carries out with the use of bold design ideas, harmoniously combining tradition and innovation. We will offer the original layout and decorating solution for a project of any size – no matter, whether you order only kitchen renovation or want to make major alterations to the basement. You can choose the overall style of renovation of an entire home or set individual themes for each room.

One of the key features of our design projects is a bold combination of materials of different textures and shades. Even a simple remodeling a bathroom with custom finishes will give to a typical room personality and make it truly comfortable.

Modern solutions with Anex-Group in renovation modeling

House renovation is not easy task, because the living space must be adapted to the lifestyle, habits and needs of homeowners. The specialists of our company, renovating the home will help you to choose your preferred style and color scheme of the interior, to make the updated home fully meet your expectations.

Renovation of houses in Bradford starts with the design of redevelopment and interior design modeling. Depending on the General concept of remodeling of residential space, we will select:

  • finishing materials in traditional or modern style.
  • lamps and furniture;
  • decor items and accessories.

Non-standard use of finishing materials is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and discover endless possibilities in creating interiors. In our design projects there is nothing superfluous – only a perfect harmony and natural beauty of forms.

What design we can recommend for your layout…

The convenience and comfort of the living space depends largely on the correct choice of layout and design decisions. We will offer you the unusual visual and color design ideas and perform the space modeling in accordance with current world trends. Functional zones would be arranged in such a way as to ensure the convenience of movement and maximum access of natural light.

Whether it’s an extension to the facade, remodeling of the basement or a simple changing layout in a bathroom – you can be assured of a professional execution of project. The original layout innovations will allow to create comfortable private space that will best meet the needs of the customer. You will have the complete freedom of actions in forming the design of kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms of the house – we are ready to implement any your ideas.

renovation of living room with white furniture

renovation of living room in old house style

renovation of kitchen in marble style

renovation of bathroom in bright, white style

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