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Etobicoke district is in its own way original in architecture

Etobicoke is a respectable area of Toronto that grew out of the village. It differs the lowest population density among all districts of the city. There are a lot of public parks and green areas, the famous James gardens on the banks of the Humber river among them. Residential development consists mostly of small single family houses, but in recent decades a lot of high-rise multi-story condominiums have been built. That’s why, in Etobicoke, you can see buildings in very different styles – from Neoclassicism and Gothic revival to modernism.

Renovation of houses in Etobicoke is one of the leading activities of Anex-Group contractor. We are not just the company, renovating houses. Our objective is to offer clients such solutions, in which innovation harmoniously combined with functionality, practicality and personal tastes.

The experience of the contractor in renovations – it is important

The quality and durability of the renovation depends on the experience of the construction company. And that’s why it is better to choose a contractor that has been providing renovation services for homes for a long time and has a positive reputation in the market.

Cooperation with Anex-Group contractor is a guarantee that you will get:

  • competently developed design-project;
  • professionally laid engineering communications;
  • flawlessly implemented redevelopment and finishing.

Employees of our company will discuss the scope of renovations and the budget, take into account all your wishes, tastes and habits. This approach allows us to create a living space that fully meet the needs of our customers.

Remodeling of any room in the house requires consideration of many nuances. For example, when renovating thу kitchen you need to follow the requirements of ergonomics applicable to the work area. Remodeling the bathroom should be implemented with a mandatory arrangement of waterproofing, and when redesigning the basement separate facilities should be provided.

What to pay attention for when selecting materials for renovation

During the remodeling of the interior of the house we use:

The right choice of building and finishing materials allows to create aesthetic and durable interior. To transform the space and make it as comfortable as possible, Anex-Group experts will select for each room the best option of decoration. Our employees possess full information about all the proposals of the construction market, which eliminates the risk of selecting poor or inappropriate materials.

Anex-Group offers a custom design in home renovations

Our designers and architects will help you realize the most unusual design ideas, so you can feel yourself as a part of the house, fully relax and enjoy every minute. You can order the renovation of all areas of the house or, for example, a kitchen renovation – you can be sure that we will offer a beautiful and unusual ideas for your inspiration.

In design projects are taken into account:

  • innovative visual concepts;
  • ergonomic demands;
  • environmental objectives.

Every design project prepared by our staff, includes an carefully thought out redevelopment, elaborate lighting, finishes and furniture schemes. We will provide recommendations on choosing finishing materials, lighting and furniture for the redesign of the basement, remodeling the bathroom and other areas.

renovation of your personal room in modern style

renovation of bedroom in modern style with wooden furniture

renovation of kitchen in modern style with tiles

renovation of bathroom with white walls

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