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Contractor for home renovation in Newmarket

Newmarket is a city in the district of York in Ontario, it is part of the greater Toronto area and Golden horseshoe of southern Ontario. In 2013, Newmarket was ranked 10th place in “Top 10 Small Cities” rating according to MoneySense magazine.

Newmarket settlement was registered in 1857 and received city status in 1880. Today, the historical center of Newmarket is one of the most beautiful Downtowns in Ontario. The appearance of the city traditional and modern architectural styles are bizarrely interwoven, many buildings and structures of Newmarket have a high degree of historical significance.

Appealing to Anex-Group contractors for home renovation in Newmarket will allow you to adapt a house to modern standards preserving the beauty of old architecture. We will develop and implement an original interior design that will completely match your preferences.

Want to change layout in basement for expansion of living space? You need a bold and unusual ideas of kitchen renovation? Or you plan a remodeling of a bathroom to provide a modern level of living comfort? A team of qualified Anex-Group professionals in a short time will create a unique interior design and will realize all your desires.

Principles of modern design and home renovations from Anex-Group

The projecting of the renovation and developing of interior design is an integral phase of the work of specialists of the company, renovating the home. Careful elaboration of layout, functional and decorative solutions allows you to create a convenient, beautiful and comfortable living space.

In our design projects of home renovations in Newmarket all the components are harmoniously combined – usability, ergonomics, aesthetics and individuality. This approach will allow to maximally tailor the space to the tastes and lifestyle of the homeowners.

To create original style and color decisions we use a wide range of finishing materials – both traditional and just emerging in the market. In our projects are offered:

  • unusual combinations of materials;
  • original variants of use of the conventional finishes;
  • powerful decorative tools that can completely change the space.

It is better to choose a classic design or minimalism?
In what style the interior should be done? What design ideas to give preference to? It’s the first thing you have to think about when you are planning house renovation – whether you are going to do a complex renovation with redesign of the facade or local remodeling of the kitchen.

Among countless interior design solutions offered by Anex-Grouphttps://anex-group.com/basement-renovation/, classics and minimalism are high popular. If rooms in your house are not too large, it is better to choose a minimalistic interior design. For example, remodeling a small bathroom in minimalistic style will help you to get rid of tightness and stiffness, and decorative accents will help to create a comfortable atmosphere. Redesign of the spacious basement in a classic style will help to create a stylish and cozy Seating area.

And for those who appreciate innovative solutions, we are ready to develop the interior design, which combines minimalism and classic. Using this combination, it is easy to implement any design ideas, bringing vintage and modern design elements in the living space.

renovation of children's room in modern style

renovation of living room in modern style renovation of bathroom in modern, with wood renovation of kitchen in white, wood style

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