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The renovation of an apartment or home in Richmond hill.

The lay-out and interior of your home or apartment in Richmond hill no longer meet the needs of your family? Want to redesign the basement to expand living space? Or remodeling of bathroom is required? The easiest way to do a reconstruction of the living space quickly and efficiently is to ask Anex-Group contractor.

Our company performs all range of works on renovation of houses and apartments in Richmond hill turn-key, including:

  • layout and design.
  • any repair work.
  • installation of plumbing;
  • installation of windows;
  • laying of the electrics and other.

We take full responsibility for the quality and terms of updating the interior of your home and will take care of all issues. No matter, whether you order from us major redesign of the living space or just the kitchen renovation. We guarantee that cooperation with us will cause you only positive emotions. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees after the remodeling you will get a house or apartment of your dreams, fully customized to meet your individual preferences.

Only the experience of the contractor can give advise in the choice of material for renovation.

The right choice of materials for renovation is the guarantee that the interior will have a aesthetic appearance and will serve you for a long time. Our company, renovating houses in Richmond hill, will offer you options of qualitative and durable finishing in accordance with your preferences and financial capabilities.

Employees are regularly getting acquainted with the market novelties and innovative technologies for renovation of houses. We offer original design solutions and work with all types of modern materials for the walls, floors and ceilings finish.

Creativity is the key to success in creating unique interiors, which are nice and comfortable to live. In our design projects strict stylistic boundaries do not exist, we harmoniously combine:

  • traditional decorating solutions and creative ideas;
  • natural and artificial materials;
  • modern equipment and vintage accessories.

Want an original design? Then contact Anex-Group contractor!
Our projects of interior design of houses and apartments are well recognized in a number of attributes:

  • actual layout decisions;
  • careful working out of all functional areas;
  • improved ergonomics of rooms;
  • use of the best decorating techniques.

We do not use template design ideas, each project has a team of qualified professionals. All of our proposals for updating of the interior is aimed at creating of home comfort and adaptation of the house according to your personal preferences. That’s why people often come to us with a local problem – for example – to renovate a kitchen or bathroom, and further they order the improvement of the basement and the renovation of the facade.

renovation of bedroom in modern style with carpet

renovation of living room in modern style with white floor

renovation of bathroom in marble style renovation of kitchen in modern style

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