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Trends of 2017-2018 of renovation in Toronto

Renovation of a house or apartment is a great opportunity to realize your dreams of a perfect living space. No matter what you have planned, to make major home renovation, redecorating the kitchen or expand your living space by remodeling the basement. Designers and engineers of the Anex-Group contractor is committed will help to make your home in Toronto cozy, trendy and comfortable, adapting the interior to your taste, habits and lifestyle.

In our design projects we use fashion trends in 2017-2018:

  • textured finish with large texture;
  • ceramic tile with three-dimensional effect;
  • natural stone and other natural materials.

In projects of remodeling of interiors designed by our specialists, are harmoniously combined the main trends of interior fashion – ease and environmental friendliness, comfort and elegance. When changing layout in a bathroom, living room or bedroom pastel shades and neutral colors are actual. In trend are white, gray, beige and caramel, these colors visually expand the space and give the interior an airy view. And to create emphasis we use elements of bright colors.

Another fashion trend in 2017-2018 – the use of metal in interior design. Chrome and silver are perfect for hi-tech styles, Scandinavian, minimalist and copper, brass, gilding will ideally fit in classical interior.

We can combine or share the kitchen with the living room

Today, many homeowners in Toronto, carrying out home renovations, prefer open interiors, with no clear demarcation of functional areas. Such space is filled with air and light, they perfectly match with the contemporary trends of ergonomics and design. The combination of kitchen and living room is equally appropriate for families with children, and in case, if you live an active life, dining and eating outside of the home.

One of the most popular options is renovated kitchen with combined living room. This option helps to improve family communication and allows to take family and guests in comfort atmosphere. In the design of a kitchen-living room we use materials of different colors and textures for visual division of space into functional zones.

Preferences in building materials for renovation in Toronto

To renovate homes in Toronto we use both traditional and modern construction and finishing materials. An unusual combination of classics and innovation allows to create unique interiors, matching the tastes and preferences of homeowners.

The specialists of our company, renovating the home will develop for you the project of remodeling of interior of any style:

  • classic;
  • minimalism;
  • loft;
  • retro;
  • Provence;
  • ethnic;
  • high-tech and others.

We will choose the environmentally friendly quality materials, furniture and accessories without overloading the space with fussy decoration elements. After renovation the house will fully match your lifestyle, habits and preferences.

3D modeling of your house if you make order from the Anex-Group contractor

Any renovation begins with the generation of basic design ideas which should be implemented in the design of the house. To help our customers to imagine the future interior, we’re doing three-dimensional visualization of premises from different angles and distances.

On a large model you will see:

  • renovated basement from the inside and from the front;
  • estimate the location of furniture and finishing of a kitchen;
  • consider in detail the remodeling of a bathroom and other premises.

Design coordination with use of 3D models will allow you to make changes and improvements still in the design phase. We will help you to optimally organize the space in accordance with the laws of ergonomics, your personal preferences and habits.

renovation of living room with linoleum

renovation of hallway with white walls

renovation of kitchen in modern style

renovation of kitchen in modern style with white cupboards

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