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Modern renovation of houses in West and East Gwillimbury

West and East Gwillimbury are two of the smaller towns of the County of Simcoe, located in southern Ontario. The historic centres of the first and the second one are well preserved, there are buildings older than 100 or even 150 years, which are still used and are in excellent condition. The settlements preserved the charm of small towns, their architecture is dominated by low-rise buildings.

Remodeling and renovation of houses in West and East Gwillimbury is one of the priority activities of the Anex Group building contractor. Our projects harmoniously combine creative ideas and classic approaches, elegant aesthetics of modernity and vintage style.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee that even a simple kitchen renovation or a simple bathroom remodeling will be performed in non-standard way and take into account all wishes of the customer. Home remodeling is strictly complied with the requirements of the residential zoning, standards of health and safety, architectural regulations. For example, remodeling of the basement is carried out without significant changes of the facade to preserve the historic appearance of West and East Gwillimbury. However, the inner space of the basement after the redesign will meet all requirements of ergonomics and comfort.

We build over 10 years in West and East Gwillimbury – only creative solutions

Over many years of renovating houses in West and East Gwillimbury, we have implemented numerous projects of reconstruction of the interiors. All work is done by a team of skilled planners, designers, engineers and builders, ensuring high quality and strict meeting the deadlines.

Each of our projects is:

  • the original mix of traditional and innovative ideas and technologies;
  • environmentally friendly natural and artificial materials;
  • full compliance with the specifics of local zoning;
  • using current trends in interior design.

Our company, renovating the house, ready to realize your dreams of a cozy and comfortable interior, fully adapted to the lifestyle and preferences of the customer. Our design consultant will develop a concept of space organization, will offer a style and color scheme, choose lamps, furniture and accessories.

What we recommend in design, and what you shouldn’t do

The interior of the house must match your preferences, lifestyle, tastes and habits. Our designers and projectors will help you to realize your dreams of the perfect home and protect from common mistakes.

Three-dimensional visualization of the remodeling of the basement with view from the front, volumetric model of the kitchen renovation are a great way to get a full idea of how your home will look after renovation. Computer models of bathroom, bedroom and other rooms will eliminate any misunderstanding between you and the interior designer, you will be able to make the necessary changes at the design stage.

We recommend our customers projects of remodeling of an interior in which are implemented the creative ideas of design, combining modernity and classics. Properly chosen style and colors will create a home atmosphere of coziness and comfort, will give a special charm to the interior.

renovation of living room in modern style with carpet

renovation of kitchen in modern style with wooden floor

renovation of bathroom with marble walls

renovation of living room in modern style

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