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Do you want to turn a room with bare walls and dirty cement floors into a beautiful and functional living space? ANEX Group Renovations is here to help you! We have hundreds of basement renovation ideas waiting for you, and we are ready to apply them while designing a basement you are dreaming about. Can you imagine your old, dark basement becoming a cozy apartment for renting out and making some extra cash? Or maybe a wine cellar for your spectacular wine collection? Or even your personal well-equipped gymnasium? We assure you – everything is possible, and we would be more than happy to bring your wishes to life.

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Are you bored with your faded, old-style bathroom? Wish your bathroom was stylish, comfortable, and functional? No problem at all, we provide a full range of related renovation services for you – from a project development and 3D design to finding the best furniture on the market that perfectly meets all your expectations. Don’t forget about the high-quality plumbing, the well-installed equipment will easily serve you for many years with no problems. Our company offers a wide selection of space reconstruction ideas taking your wishes and budget into account. You will receive a cozy corner for relaxation and hygiene that will be pleasant and comfortable to use for all family members and guests.

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The kitchen renovation is one of the most popular services we provide. Our knowledgeable team will take care of all troubles of the kitchen re-arrangement and turn it into a beautiful, functional space. For your convenience, we’ve come up with a catalog of different kitchen ideas for all possible sizes and layouts, so you can get a visual idea of what to expect and pick up the right design that inspires you the most. We guarantee that the renovation work will take place qualitatively and with no delays, and the final result will please all the family members.

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House renovation with ANEX Group Renovations is the opportunity to get a fully renovated house in a short period of time and at a reasonable cost. We will update a facade, renovate a roof, repair gables, foundation, and all other house components that you’d like to renovate or just to refresh. Our specialists will develop a detailed reconstruction project of the external house appearance. Depending on your preferences, we can completely change the look of your house or renovate it with preserving the main architectural elements.

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What is the ‘Home Improvement’? Is it just something that involves moving furniture and changing wall colors? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Creating the space you’d love involves a variety of activities including working with a professional designer that will listen to you and understand your ideas clearly. Once you and our designer come up with a concept – our 3D design geeks will build a 3D computer model of what you are going to get as a final product. Nice and simple!

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